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Home Health Aide

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As individuals grow older or become weaker with chronic health issues, they may be unable to care for themselves independently, even with basic tasks or personal chores. All American Homecare & PRP Services, Inc. understands this situation and we want to help those individuals in any way possible.

Our home health aides are available to provide you with assistance in your daily activities. These include:

  • Assisting you with your personal care tasks, such as taking a bath, toileting, feeding, dressing and undressing, and others
  • Checking vital signs
  • Administering medications on time

Our home health aides meet state regulations and training requirements. They apply the utmost respect and professionalism when fulfilling their duties. We hope to let you experience our assistance and dedicated service soon. Call us at 443-653-0074 to learn more about what a Home Health Aide can do for you.

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