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Mental Health Services

All American Homecare & PRP Services, Inc. is a community-based agency designed to increase the functioning of clients with psychiatric disabilities. Our agency collaborates with other community-based mental health programs and other community-based agencies, including the Department of Human Services, the Maryland Court System, and the Department of Juvenile Justice to identify those clients in need of psychiatric intervention.


  • Improving the ability of clients to function in his/her own environment/community
  • Teaching clients to identify symptoms, escalation, and relapse prevention
  • Teaching clients positive ways of managing and coping with his/her psychiatric symptoms
  • Respond and assist in acute systems
  • Reducing social isolation in children with persistent psychiatric symptoms through the creation of a therapeutic environment that is warm, inviting, supportive, and interactive
  • Teaching clients autonomy and self-esteem
  • Involvement of family and close relations as much as possible


This service includes:

  • Behavior Modification Technique Training
  • Community Integration and case coordination services
  • Parent support Group/Parenting crisis
  • Life skills abd Independent skills training
  • Home and community based interventions
  • Problem-Solving and Anger Management Technique Training Skills
  • Social Skills Training children Diagnosis with ADHD/ADD
  • Individual, Group, and Family Counseling
  • Court and Community Advocates
  • Medication Compliance and Symptoms Crisis Management Skills
  • Therapeutic Behavioral Services for Clients aged 1 – 21 years old

Our services mental health and psychiatric services are provided by licensed and highly trained Psychiatrists, Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, and Family Counselors.


  • Reduce symptoms of youth’s psychiatric disabilities
  • Provide counseling services so that youths can live good, productive, and happy lives
  • Provide guidance for youth to become productive family structure members
  • Psychiatric rehabilitation interventions are for children and adults with serious mental illness or emotional breakdown that could place them at the risk of higher level of care
  • Reduce any deficiency in any skilled level that could make it very difficult for the individual to function adequately in the community

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