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Occupational Therapy

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Senior patients, as well as those with injuries or disabilities, experience limitations when it comes to mobility due to their respective health situations. They often require occupational therapy to help them realize and understand what they can do in order to live their lives better despite having these conditions.

All American Homecare & PRP Services, Inc. makes it possible for our clients to remain independent despite old age, injury or disability through our occupational therapy services. With these services, we are able to educate both our patients and their families about certain strategies and techniques that they can use to make things easier. Some of the areas covered by Occupational Therapy are:

  • Minimizing Fatigue by Work Simplification
  • Coping Strategies for Client’s Disability
  • Coordinating Activities to Enhance Independence
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Self-Care Skills Re-Education
  • Assessment of Cognition and Psychosocial Needs
  • Enhancing the Client’s Coordination
  • Reducing Strains through Work Simplification

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